Susan Evani

SEO Content Writer, Digital/Traditional Marketing & Voiceovers

Skilled in creating SEO content for authority articles, landing pages, websites, blogs, and social media posts. Can create compelling digital and offline copy for a variety of business collateral needs like newsletters, email campaigns, presentations, B2B & B2C marketing, promotion, and events.


Recent Projects 2016/2017

B2C Email Marketing Campaign
B2C Email Marketing Campaign
Company Corporate Video Script
Video Script
Water Testing Keego Harbor MI
Keyword Rich SEO landing pages copy (8) Small Business
Amazon Product Review
Amazon Product Review
The Top 15 One Season TV Shows
One is not always the loneliest number. There are many network shows that couldn't make it past that first season mark. Bad ratings, prohibitive costs, heavy on-set dramatics...
Perfect Teeth Facebook Ad & Landing Page Copy
SEO Copy For Perfect Teeth Dentist Event
American Honda Premier Partner Awards Email Campaign
Email Campaign
Appeal letter / fundraising invite
Email appeal for upcoming fundraiser participation
Promotional Flyer/Postcard
Small Business Mailer For a Day Spa
Fiber-Optic Technology is Booming in 2017 and Beyond
Authority Article
A Hollywood Awards Party For Your Non-Profit Volunteers
Internal authority article for client newsletter
Bio & Word Press Blog Creation
Hi my name is Julie. This blog is about the evolution of my cooking and the favorite foods I enjoy eating and preparing for my family and friends. I'll be posting tried and true...
Quiz Creation
Can you pick what goes best together? - a quiz by recoveringdj
Down The Christmas Internet Rabbit Hole - The Recovering DJ
With Sugar Plums Doin' that dance thang One early morning, I couldn't sleep per usual and started trolling Hulu for something to doze to. I stumbled upon the recent SNL...

Business Writing

Key Messages
Elevator pitch, key message campaign for non-profit board of directors
Press Release
Press release for Enoki Films
Key Messages Campaign
Brand management and key messaging campaign in conjunction with Taproot
New Hire Announcement

Retail Copy

Retail event copy
Sales Event description retail flash site
Retail sales copy and bullet points
Jewelry description for retail flash site
About The Brand Retail Copy
Brand Copy for flash sale site
Web retailer sales event
Event description for sales event
Necklace Copy
Product description for retail flash site
Earrings Event Copy
Event description for web sale event
Western Fashion Event
Event description for sales event
Necklace copy
jewelry copy for flash sale site zulily
Wine descriptions
Wine descriptions for retail and web appiciations

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